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What is The Cloud?

Cloud Computing is creating and using computing resources as needed, and then releasing them when they are no longer needed. You only pay for what you use, so it is a very cost effective option for businesses.

Why use The Cloud?

The Cloud has become more widely used in businesses for several reasons. It can be committment-free - should you choose to stop using services, they can be 'released' and charges stop. It is scalable - should demand increase, you can add additional resources almost instantly, and relinquish some of them later. The Cloud infratructure is located in state of the art Data Centre facilities worldwide, so is connected by some of the highest capacity (and reliable) Internet connections available.

We can help you get established on the Amazon Web Services Cloud and advise you on dynamic scalability, or we can take care of the deployment and operation for you as a running service (billed monthly).

Whichever of these approaches you're considering, can help you plan and deliver an efficient way of working In The Cloud.

What is in The Cloud?

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Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our Cloud partner, we can provide a platform for hosting your application(s) and provisioning Internet services for you.

The following services can be easily deployed for you in the AWS Cloud:


Having fast DNS is critical. By leveraging Amazon AWS's Route 53, you can have DNS hosting that is fast and affordable.

We can show you how to use Amazon Route53, or we can run it for you.

Content distribution - CloudFront

Having your web server located in a fast data centre in the middle of New York is great for your customers surrounding that area. But for a simple aceleration, push all of your static content "into the cloud" on a content distibution network. Again using the Amazon services, we can help you set this up, or run it for you. You keep your existing web site as is, but just change the URLs of your images, PDFs, movies and other "static" media items to include a sepaate hostname, such as This new service has your customers accessing your data from the closest Amazon CloudFront Location - over 20 locations now across the world.

Application Hosting - Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

Hosting your application should be simple. It should scale, preferably automatically.

Using Amazon EC2, we can set up a host, or a set of hosts for your application(s). We have experience with Caching, Databases, Message Queues, and persistent stroage (S3) using the Amazon Service; we're happy to help you with it, or we'll run it for you.

Cloud Hosting Example: this site

This web site is making full use of the AWS Cloud Hosting solution. Test out the site speed and see what you think.

DNS is served from AWS Route53 DNS Hosting service, which (depending on usage) should be just cents per month.

The main web site is being serviced from an Amazon EC2 Micro instance running Debian GNU/Linux, costing next to nothing per month to run - around $50/month. It's being dynamically generated using Apache, Perl, and Template Toolkit: every page carries the same theme, and updates to the template naturally affect all pages. Using an EC2 host you can dynamically generate content from whatever source(s) you want: a database, other informaiton on the web... whatever you can develop.

The rich media assest (images, etc) are being accelerated using the CloudFront Content-Delivery-Network to make it super fast, which again based upon usage, will be pretty cost effective.